BREAKTHROUGH RUN CO2 reduction: Regenerative Agriculture - 42Collective
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42C is combining global companies from various industries like agri chemical, fertilizing, agri equipment, VC, banks as well as governmental bodies in a multi party open innovation Breakthrough Run.

The purpose of the run is to find new, yet unknown solutions to help realize breakthroughs for individual business challenges of each participant in order to boost Regenerative Agriculture.

Companies participatie in a run have access  to key decision makers and experts  and meet the full ecosystem that we bring together.

Why are we combining these forces? Because as 42Collective we believe in open and collaborative innovation ecosystems to solve BHAGs. In this case carbon reduction. Project Drawdown has quantified the areas which can have a big positive impact on climate change, of which regenerative agriculture is one.

Increase Business Value
  • Tangible contribution to your innovation portfolio
  • Solve value chain issues and contribute to the SDGs
  • Accelerate R&D plus innovation processes with a factor 10
  • Create additional brand value
Accelerate Innovation Culture
  • Learning innovation by doing: engage company experts in collaborations with other experts
  • Innovation and collaboration with frontrunners and joined-up value chain partners
  • Access to network, knowledge and business experts attract the best solution providers
  • Leadership involvement: client related topics and core strategy
Increase a “Blue Ocean”
  • Attract unknown solution providers from around the world
  • Benefit from new combinations, with solution-submitters and value chain parties
  • Access to hidden talent and potential co-workers
  • Extend your ecosystem to create speed and resilience
Short description

Call for multiparty innovation on the topic of regenerative annual cropping. Collaborate in this new combination to create breakthroughs for SDG 13.

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