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Large organizations expect redundancy of 20-50% of their office spaces over the next coming 3 years. To put that into perspective of  square meters; we are talking an estimated 11 to 22 million square meters of redundant space. That equals to  2000 to 4000 football fields only in the Netherlands. Imagine only what could be done with all that space waiting for a new destination. Solve part of the housing shortage, boost vertical agriculture, get a crack at more sustainable living environments and make room for much needed living amenities in densly populated areas.

We are challenging global companies from various industries, e.g. sutainable design, building, agricultural innovators, governmental bodies, data scientist and other relevant stakeholders to committee to a new collaboration. We start a run when four seats are occupied.


Attract and combine yet unknown solutions

The purpose of the run is to find new and yet unknown solutions to help realize breakthroughs in office space redundancy, which could vary from re-use, reconvert, recycle and dispose. With our 42C proven collaboration and innovation ecosystem methodology, organizations who join have access to a run with relevant people and from the full ecosystem that we’ll bring together.


From impact to dealflow and Blue Ocean opportunities

Benefits by joining such a run can be seen in various elements e.g.:  harvesting concrete and new solutions to the housing shortage, green living and office space redundancy, building an ecosystem of solution providers for future resilience and speed on this topic, brand awareness, high engagement participants, and of course delivering concrete new collaborations and partnerships in a deal format.

We have the obligation to close the gap and reuse the land

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How to make the best use of millions of square meters of redundant office spaces

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