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We believe the world needs collaborations to accelerate the impact of societal and urgent breakthroughs not yet widely known or understood. As a collective we cultivate a portfolio of growth opportunities, create innovation ecosystems to nurture them and apply business hacking for new combinations & solutions. As a collective we are the first movers; we attract the unknown, we accelerate your BHAGS.

We offer you ecosystem collaborations

  • Breeding multiple growth opportunities to boost resilience, flexibility and entrepreneurship inside and outside your organisation
  • Nurturing growth opportunities through strategy shaping and community management
  • An active global network of stakeholders. E.g. knowledge institutes, value chain partners, investors, legal, HR, procurement

  • Support to formulate the right problem and value case
  • Attract solution providers from all over the world and from different perspectives and industries
  • Form a collective of the best experts and support them collaborating on specialized topics and bespoke events
  • Support in selecting and partnering to create the ideal match

  • With a combination of our outcomes of Ecosystem Builder and Breakthrough Runs we help you grow ¬†opportunities into new value chains and ¬†combinations
  • An innovation collaboration platform to support more effective collaborations and combinations of new solutions
  • Our approach is focussed on merging opportunities from multiple non industry related ecosystems for new breakthroughs