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DOUBLED speed of building partnerships

DECREASED time to market up to 12 months

QUADRUPLED innovation pipeline in four months

INCREASED effectiveness of R&D budget with factor 10

Why act now

Organizations feel the need to be involved in ecosystems. Or want to build them themselves. Ecosystems help to create flexibility and resilience and allow for scale without the need to organize or own everything.

Client perspective
If your ambition is to continuously connect to the world outside your bubble, we can create an environment which can provide the perpetual inflow of ideas, solutions and knowledge. This leads to new collaborations, partnerships, institutions and deals.
What we offer
  • Nurturing growth opportunities
  • Breeding multiple growth opportunities to boost resilience, flexibility and entrepreneurship
  • Build network of various stakeholders, startups, investors, legal, HR, procurement
How we differ

We make ecosystems flourish. This means bringing the right people together to fulfill ambitions under uncertainty and that in a cost-effective way. We attract hard to find individual experts you can collaborate with in any shape or form.

Why act now

BHAG’s need to be tackled with diverse solutions, ideas, and knowledge to reach the goals and even create more chances of success.

Client perspective

if your ambition is to tackle BHAGs, either solo or with multiple partners in a value chain, we advise to step out of your bubble. Let the world know what challenges you are facing and need to crack. You will be surprised about the number of responses and quality.

What we offer
  • Formulate the right problem and value case
  • Attract solution providers from all over the world and from different perspectives and industries
  • Form a collective of the best experts and support them collaborating on specialized topics and bespoke events
  • Support in selecting and partneringto create the ideal match
How we differ

We create deal flow: at least 70 qualified solution providers per run and we reduce time to market by months. No theoretical reports or inspiration sessions, but real partners you can deal with.

Why act now

With the right entrepreneurship many great “point solutions” have been created. We believe combining them in new combinations creates additional value relevant for organizations and ecosystems.

Client perspective
All inflow of ideas, knowledge, partners and deals lead to the question how the future organization should look like. Certainly, there was a strategy before you started, yet with all the answers found in the unknowns, new opportunities are emerging. Business hacking will accelerate the adaptation and even creation of a new organization.
What we offer
  • With a combination of our outcomes of Ecosystem Builder and Breakthrough Runs we help you grow  opportunities into new value chains and  combinations
  • All collaboration via an innovation collaboration platform to support more effective collaborations
  • Our approach is focussed on merging opportunities from multiple non industry related ecosystems for new breakthroughs
How we differ

We boost new IP; we unite content experts to make collaboration valuable for all parties involved. We make multi party innovation concrete.


42Collective aims to create new collaborations and combinations by finding the unknown. Every day we strive for new beginnings, democratizing best practices with crowdsourcing principles.
We attract the most fitting (unknown) solution providers from all over the world from all industries and knowledge hubs. We unite the most superior global practices and knowledge and we put business experts in the lead to join forces.
This is what we offer. We create an open environment where new ideas and ‘unknowns’ are continuously invented, combined and build upon in co-creation platforms, allowing for product development partnerships and ongoing dealflow.