About us - 42Collective
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The faces of our collective

Creating new combinations is our passion

42Collective is a cooperation. Fully in line with our open and collaborative spirit  In our collective ecosystem we welcome partners and members to create impact on BHAGs. For every job to be done, we work with the best talent out there.

Foto: Peter de Krom
Collaboration Guru

Ank van Wylick

Ank is on a mission to make collaborative innovation a global movement, so big goals, dreams and ambitions can be achieved with impact. Ank is all about velocity, you’ ll appreciate her energy. If you have the opportunity to meet her, grab it.  Furthermore she loves to share. Being it business ideas, knowledge as well as her friendship and her hospitality. She is way too modest but you should know she coined “collaborative innovation”, putting it into practice for global frontrunning brands in food, chemistry, leisure and many more. Don’t tell her you know;).

Customer Conscience

Steffie Op de Laak

When describing Steffie these keywords  come to mind: fast & lateral thinker, design lover, analytical, tongue in cheek, entrepreneurial, fixer. But that doesn’t describe her fully. She can seem to be inimitable but she makes it work. What? Everything! As long as it makes sense; for clients, consumers, users, environment and society. She is the Customer Conscience and our moral compass at 42C. Oh did I mention that she enjoys architecture? For her architecture is like building a succesfull business: orchestrate an ecosystem of professionals and put collaborations first.

42C Partners

Our innovation ecosystem