Discover - 42Collective
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Increase the likelihood of your succeses with an open mind, energy and our proven methodology of collaborations and new combinations. We offer you to create an innovation ecosystem with like minded people and stronger new solutions.

  • Breakthrough Runs
    • Formulate the right problem and value case
    • Attract solution providers from all over the world and from different perspectives and industries
    • Form a collective of the best experts and support them collaborating on specialized topics and bespoke events
    • Support in selecting and partnering to create the ideal match

  • The difference
    • We create deal flow: at least 70 qualified solution providers per run and we reduce time to market by months. No theoretical reports or inspiration sessions, but real partners you can deal with
    • Our methodology builds positive brand value. Being it for your shareholders, to attract new employees, or add to customer engagement

  • Ecosystem Builder
    • Nurturing growth opportunities
    • All collaboration via an innovation collaboration platform to support more effective collaborations
    • Breeding multiple growth opportunities to boost resilience, flexibility and entrepreneurship
    • Build network of various stakeholders e.g. startups, investors, legal, HR, procurement

  • The difference
    • We make ecosystems flourish. This means bringing the right people together to fulfill ambitions under uncertainty and that in a cost-effective way 
    • We attract  hard to find individual experts you can collaborate with in any shape or form 

  • Business Hacking
    • Combine Ecosystem and Breakthrough runs and growth opportunities into new value chains and new combinations
    • Combine opportunities form multiple non industry related ecosystems for new breakthroughs

  • The difference
    • We boost new IP; we unite content experts to make collaboration valuable for all parties involved
    • We form the winning coalition from our own partnership ecosystem to support the beginning of new companies and new collecties